Si is an experienced and engaging youth worker with a wealth of knowledge in multiple areas of youth work. He has a passion for working with young people, and has dedicated his career to helping them overcome the challenges they face. Si’s expertise lies in a number of areas, including serious youth violence, radicalisation, criminal exploitation, poverty, drug abuse, mental health, and child-to-parent violence and abuse. He has worked with young people from a wide range of backgrounds, and has developed a deep understanding of the complex issues that can impact their lives. Si’s approach is compassionate, trauma informed and pragmatic. He understands that each young person is unique, and tailors his support to meet their individual needs. He is skilled at helping young people to identify their strengths, build confidence, and develop the skills they need to succeed.

In his spare time, Si is a renowned musician and rapper with over 20 years worth of experience in the UK hip hop industry.

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