Jacob is a PhD Candidate funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), based at the University of Liverpool. Working in collaboration with ConnectFutures, his PhD seeks to explore the prevalence of ‘Conflicted’ (previously mixed, unstable or unclear) extremist ideologies and new forms of extremism including incels and misogynistic-driven violence within prevailing notions of masculinity and the ‘manosphere’. In particular, his PhD focuses on the role of ‘toxic’ online milieus in normalising and rationalising extremist attitudes, and the way in which these factors contribute to, and impact upon the socialisation processes shaping the lived experiences and behaviour(s) of young people.

As a researcher, he has a number of years of experience in the fields of sociology, social policy and criminology, working on academic projects at both National and European levels including EU-funded H2020 projects, as well as for the Home Office, National Independent Safeguarding Board Wales and Welsh Government. He has also published work for a wide variety of outputs, and presented papers at annual conferences of the British Society of Criminology and European Society of Criminology. As an educator, he is currently an Associate Lecturer and member of the International Criminological Research Unit (ICRU) based at the University of Liverpool.

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