Yasin is a skilled youth worker, focussed on mentoring and facilitation, designing summer school programmes and transitions into secondary schools. He has a passion for crime prevention and rehabilitation, studying criminology at Birmingham City University, and is a Youth and Family intervention officer at Dream Chasers, Birmingham. Yasin is committed to working with youth  and making […]


Ali is an autistic/ADHD man who is passionate about neurodiversity and radicalism. His expert training draws on his lived experience of both radicalism and autism/ADHD. He is particularly interested in the overlap between Neurodivergence and radicalism. Ali has worked with Britain’s Neurodivergent community both in school settings and as part of the third sector, working […]


Tristan is a highly experienced senior mentor and facilitator, for young people and professionals, having worked with St Giles Trust and ConnectFutures for many years. Tristan couples his lived experience with professionalism in order to engage those he speaks to while hitting vital learning objectives, focussing on young people with SEMH.


Karam has over ten years experience working with families and young people in the field of difference, disability and neurodiversity. Karam teaches on neurodiversity and how barriers to inclusion may be overcome at both personal and policy levels. His research focuses on positive mental health and communication for people with autism and intellectual disabilities and […]


Cairo is an experienced, well-rounded senior mentor and facilitator, having worked with St Giles Trust and ConnectFutures for many years. Cairo works in all kinds of environments with a wide range of individuals, including primary school children, secondary school pupils, those in PRUs and SEND schools, college pupils, parents, professionals and so on. Cairo couples […]


Elise has 5 years experience working with young people in the UK and abroad. The bulk of this work has been spent working for a national charity providing young people aged 16-19 with enrichment & development opportunities. Elise is an experienced trainer and mentor having created and delivered a range of training to young people […]


Jacob is a passionate and experienced speaker, engaging powerfully on the toughest topics. Drawing from challenging lived experiences, he understands the pathways into and out of gangs, serious violence and radicalisation. Jacob works as a facilitator for both St Giles Trust and ConnectFutures, bringing insight and presence to the fore.


Connor is a senior youth worker, football coach and expert public speaker, working on the National Citizenship Service (NCS), now based at West Ham United. His role with ConnectFutures as a facilitator includes BRAVE delivery to young people of all ages and educational needs, and specialist training to professionals around youth, violence, extremism and positive […]


Alex has worked with with young people and in education for the past 10 years. His experience originated in working with youths from both Unionist and Nationalist backgrounds in Northern Ireland in order to further cross community relations and reduce violence as part of the peace agreement.Since then, Alex has gone on to manage several […]


Sami is a masters student at the University of Birmingham studying International Development, following his completion of a BA in Politics and Philosophy at the University of Liverpool. He has worked on a number of projects with organisations such as the NHS, KPMG as well as programmes designed by ConnectFutures, focussing on effective messaging of […]

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