Talking terrorism with young people -secrets of a youth worker

Secrets of a classroom youth worker by Sean Monaghan Unlike the usual topics of sex, drugs and violence, radicalisation is not cool, sexy or something the general teen can relate to.  I can tell you this because I’m a youth worker engaging with young people on these topics.  Extremism is not quite the temptation that […]

Drawing on ‘Lived Experience’ in mentoring those at risk.

What does a white far right youth have in common with a disaffected Muslim prisoner?  A recent account of a teenager (‘Jack’) who was steered away from extreme far right organisations through participation in the government’s Channel programme has some interesting parallels with another recent programme called ‘Way Out: Supporting Muslims in Prisons’ which I’ve recently evaluated (2018/not […]

“Where is it safe to stab someone?”

What would you say if a young person asked you this question?  At a BRAVE (building resilience against violence and extremism) training session with a year group of teenagers in a secondary school in Birmingham, questions were invited.  A genuine query from one was ‘where is it safe to stab someone?’ They thought there might be parts […]

Q+A Factsheet: What should teachers do in the event of a terrorist attack?

In light of the Manchester terror attacks, how should schools and teachers respond when there has been a terrorist attack in UK or elsewhere?  Students will be asking questions, talking among themselves, talking with families.  Schools cannot ignore events, however controversial and disturbing it is to raise them.  Here’s our top tips. SIX SUMMARY POINTS […]

Is it safe to invite a former extremist into schools to talk to your students?

At a recent showcase of our films of former extremists talking about their experiences, secondary school students (alongside teachers) were intrigued to meet one of them live, with the opportunity to ask questions. Amongst other things, students were fascinated to know whether Shahid regretted becoming a fighter and being involved in violence.  His answer was complex.  The path that he […]

The problem of sexual harassment in schools.

Our SOS+ Co-ordinator CJ welcomes that the issue of sexual harassment in schools is being addressed and explains how SOS+ service at St Giles Trust can help. The shocking and saddening statistic from the Women’s Equalities Committee (published 13 September 2016) report which shows nearly 59% of girls and young women had experienced some form of sexual […]

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