UPDATED | Addressing controversial issues (Palestine-Israel conflict) in the classroom

*Blog originally written January 2022 but updated in light of recent escalation of conflict starting October 2023 Working in classrooms or with young people, you’ll know the feeling.   A young person tells you or mentions in passing their opinion about a controversial, divisive and sometimes painful issue, and expects a response. When conflict escalates in Palestine […]

From Gangs to Changing Lives

Listen to Hezron’s powerful story about why he joined a gang, and the moment leading up to his 2-year suspended sentence – the trigger for turning his life around.

From Gangs to Extremism

Listen to the incredible story of the Woolwich boys – a largely Somali led south London street gang.

Is joining, surviving and leaving a gang that clear-cut?

Narratives of redemption are rarely straightforward.  In the short film of Hezron recently released  by ConnectFutures, we hear of his journey from a gruelling, brutal childhood, through homelessness, a criminal record, to gang membership and violence and finally to his current role as ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and mentoring young people. It is not all grim.  […]

Child Grooming

“Oliver wondered what picking the old gentleman’s pocket in play, had to do with his chances of being a great man. But thinking that [Fagin], being so much his senior, must know best, he followed him quietly to the table; and was soon deeply involved in his new study” Charles Dickens’ character Fagin in Oliver […]

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