Counterterrorism And The Death Penalty -Kotey and El Sheikh

A leaked letter by Home Secretary Sajid Javid, in which he says the UK will demand “no assurances” that two suspected IS members will not be executed in the US, has caused a debate about the death penalty and the UK’s counterterrorism approach. In this blog post, Dr Jennifer Philippa Eggert explains why Javid’s position […]

Talking terrorism with young people -secrets of a youth worker

Secrets of a classroom youth worker by Sean Monaghan Unlike the usual topics of sex, drugs and violence, radicalisation is not cool, sexy or something the general teen can relate to.  I can tell you this because I’m a youth worker engaging with young people on these topics.  Extremism is not quite the temptation that […]

Is there a fine line between hate crime and violent extremism?

2019 has already started off with many global far right headlines. It can be predicted that the year will see a further increase in far right extremism and hate speech.  Populist representation in government is on the increase in Europe, fuelling nationalism and anti-immigrant sentiment.    In Germany the right wing AfD (Alternative for Germany) is on the rise.  […]

Denying the oxygen of publicity to extremists – views of a former police officer

I’m a former counter terrorism (CT) police officer who worked to prevent individuals being drawn towards violent extremist ideologies.  The evolution of Anjem Choudary into the most infamous extremist  recruiter in the UK was one of the issues that played out whilst I worked in this field. The impunity with which he seemed to evade […]

Gender and the New Counter-Terrorism Strategy

Over the past decade, we had seen some awareness of the importance of gender in UK security policies. As early as 2005, the Home Secretary said women were, “the missing link in counter-terrorism,” and in 2008, Government funded a number of Pathfinder projects that explicitly saw and targeted the development of women’s empowerment as a way of countering radicalisation. By 2016, […]

When it comes to preventing (far right) extremism, who is the “community”?

The Prevent strategy has been in place since 2003 and the approach around community engagement still remains elusive to practitioners.   The current Prevent Duty Guidance talks of building community resilience by Do we define communities as the (brown) Muslim community when talking extremism? Thus the community is seen as simultaneously the solution and the problem.  It can […]

Practical advice for schools and colleges to address the “Punish A Muslim” letter

April 3rd has been nominated by a tiny hate-filled band of people as ‘Punish a Muslim’ day.  An unknown far right hate group is sending out letters suggesting a scale of points awarded for various acts of hate and destruction against British Muslims.  This has inevitably triggered counter action and demonstrations by those protesting against […]

Counter-extremism, communities and gender

Why we need more communities-focused and gender-sensitive approaches There has been increasing awareness of the need for communities-focused and gender-sensitive approaches in counterextremism measures recently. In this blog post, Dr Jennifer Philippa Eggert (University of Warwick) explains why working with communities and taking gender into account should be at the heart of our counterextremism work. […]

My Son joined ISIS: Unravelling the web of deception in radicalization.

On 1st June 2015 Rasheed Benyahia, aged 19, travelled from Birmingham to Syria to join Islamic State.  Within 6 months he was dead.  In the film just released My Son Joined Isis, his mother Nicola Benyahia tells his story and hers.   It is a gripping narrative, with the recurrent pounding questions – how is it that nobody knew?  […]

Comment: Crime and punishment: what to do with returning foreign fighters?

Is the issue of joining terror groups and the repercussions of facing justice clear cut?  Should individuals taking up arms with ideological aims – and who may have broken the law – face trials in the country they’ve been captured in, face justice at home, or should we deport them to Guantanamo Bay as Trump […]

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