Is there a fine line between hate crime and violent extremism?

2019 has already started off with many global far right headlines. It can be predicted that the year will see a further increase in far right extremism and hate speech.  Populist representation in government is on the increase in Europe, fuelling nationalism and anti-immigrant sentiment.    In Germany the right wing AfD (Alternative for Germany) is on the rise.  […]

Death of Dialogue: online reactions to former extremist films on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme

“You terrorists sympathisers… no wonder, coming from the UK media” Denying female agency Four exclusive films – featuring four former members of Far Right and extreme Islamist movements – were released on 13th December 2016 by ConnectFutures, providing brief insights about their personal journeys into and out of extremism. Former extremists pose challenging questions about what motivates ordinary […]

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