The UK’s Online Safety Bill – allegedly the ‘safest place in the world to be online’

“In an attempt to weed out the worst parts of the internet, the Online Safety Bill actually jeopardises the best parts of the internet.”Lucy Crompton-Reid & Rebecca MacKinnon, 2023 Quote written by the chief exec of Wikimedia UK (Lucy) and the Vice President of Global Advocacy at the Wikimedia foundation (Rebecca). In recent years, social media platforms […]

Understanding Prevent, Beyond WRAP training

TEACHERS | PROFESSIONALS | COMMUNITIES  So, you’ve done the WRAP training – now what? Still feel you want your organisation to really engage with the following and top up your learning? The material is engaging, interactive and filled with clear practical outcomes. Participants are encouraged to question and critically engage on the complex topic of […]

Preventing Violent Extremism: Taking an Intersectional Approach

Of all the safeguarding strands, for some, it is not an exaggeration to say that policy and practice around Prevent can be perceived as stigmatising, scary and ineffective. We’ve seen cases where policy has been mis/translated into discriminatory practice. And we’ve seen cases where responses to legislation such as the CTSA 2015 Prevent duty are […]

Q&A Factsheet: Worried about extremism and radicalisation?

With concerns about home-grown terrorism, far right extremism or young people being attracted to Islamist groups, it is not surprising that a growing number of families may be worried that their children or relatives might be drawn into extremism. We try to answer some questions – starting with definitions (although it is important to note […]

Infographic: Are you ready to prevent extremism?

Our infographic: Are you ready? Understanding, credibility, organisational processes – there are lots of ways to prepare colleagues, organisations and communities to tackle hate and extremism. Our infographic sets out some key areas to consider. Feel free to share! Check for more details  of our resources, workshops (for students and professionals) and videos on

Infographic: Terror in the UK

Our infographic: What are the stats around Far Right and Islamist extremism? What are the push-pull factors around why people get drawn into extremism? What are the types of Channel referrals and what makes people vulnerable? We thought we’d produce a quick and handy graph which might be a good starting point in understanding some […]

Child Grooming

“Oliver wondered what picking the old gentleman’s pocket in play, had to do with his chances of being a great man. But thinking that [Fagin], being so much his senior, must know best, he followed him quietly to the table; and was soon deeply involved in his new study” Charles Dickens’ character Fagin in Oliver […]

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