Preventing Violent Extremism: Taking an Intersectional Approach

Of all the safeguarding strands, for some, it is not an exaggeration to say that policy and practice around Prevent can be perceived as stigmatising, scary and ineffective. We’ve seen cases where policy has been mis/translated into discriminatory practice. And we’ve seen cases where responses to legislation such as the CTSA 2015 Prevent duty are […]

Q&A Factsheet: Worried about extremism and radicalisation?

With concerns about home-grown terrorism, far right extremism or young people being attracted to Islamist groups, it is not surprising that a growing number of families may be worried that their children or relatives might be drawn into extremism. We try to answer some questions – starting with definitions (although it is important to note […]

Prevent Channel Referrals

Practitioner insight: How can teachers and schools determine what an effective Prevent Channel referral looks like? by Imtiaz Kala As a safeguard specialist with over 20 years’ experience who has been the single point of contact on radicalisation within a northern local authority, schools and the voluntary sector, the question of Channel referrals remains vitally […]

Talking terrorism with young people -secrets of a youth worker

Secrets of a classroom youth worker by Sean Monaghan Unlike the usual topics of sex, drugs and violence, radicalisation is not cool, sexy or something the general teen can relate to.  I can tell you this because I’m a youth worker engaging with young people on these topics.  Extremism is not quite the temptation that […]

Denying the oxygen of publicity to extremists – views of a former police officer

I’m a former counter terrorism (CT) police officer who worked to prevent individuals being drawn towards violent extremist ideologies.  The evolution of Anjem Choudary into the most infamous extremist  recruiter in the UK was one of the issues that played out whilst I worked in this field. The impunity with which he seemed to evade […]

Comment:The new 2018 CONTEST strategy. The devil in the detail?

All eyes interested in matters of security and cohesion will have no doubt devoured the 95 pages of the British government’s fourth iteration of CONTEST, its counter terrorism strategy, launched yesterday by the new Home Secretary Sajid Javid. Billed as ‘a new, more agile, flexible and co-ordinated approach designed to better prevent, detect and disrupt terrorist […]

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