Sammy | The Accidental Extremist

Sammy, a 23 year old German national, converted to Islam and decided to travel to Syria in 2014 with his friend, believing it was the best way to practise his faith and help other Muslims.

Dear Terrorist, I Forgive You

Figen Murray is the mother of Martyn Hett, 29, a PR worker who was killed in the Manchester Arena bomb attacks in May 2017.

My Son Joined ISIS

Nicola Benyahia shares details of the tragic exploitation of her teenage son groomed to join ISIS by people who remain at large.

Yasmin the Recruiter

Yasmin’s role was to recruit other women to join the extremist organisation in their aim to create a State. She now works to dissuade young people from joining extremist groups.

Infographic: Terror in the UK

Our infographic: What are the stats around Far Right and Islamist extremism? What are the push-pull factors around why people get drawn into extremism? What are the types of Channel referrals and what makes people vulnerable? We thought we’d produce a quick and handy graph which might be a good starting point in understanding some […]

Our Gendered Lens

From labels such as ‘jihadi brides’ to ‘Babes of the BNP’ Carys Evans asks why is it so difficult for us to accept the agency of women who seemingly reject our mainstream in favour of extreme ideals or violent behaviour? In 2009 Vice magazine published a piece on ‘The Babes of the BNP’. In the […]

My Son joined ISIS: Unravelling the web of deception in radicalization.

On 1st June 2015 Rasheed Benyahia, aged 19, travelled from Birmingham to Syria to join Islamic State.  Within 6 months he was dead.  In the film just released My Son Joined Isis, his mother Nicola Benyahia tells his story and hers.   It is a gripping narrative, with the recurrent pounding questions – how is it that nobody knew?  […]

Is teaching about Far Right extremism now different from tackling Islamist extremism?

New issues for teaching about terror are thrown up by the case of Darren Osborne, convicted in January 2018 for murder and attempted murder after he drove a van into a crowd of Muslims near a mosque in Finsbury Park, London. Osbourne’s radicalisation process The case was unusual in the speed with which Osborne was ‘radicalised’, […]

What works in educating against extremism? My report for the University of Gothenburg.

The 8 key principles. When it comes to educating against extremism, two fundamental questions inevitably arise – what works, and how can we measure it? Eight key principles of effective PVE (Preventing Violent Extremism) emerge from an extensive global review I have just completed,  commissioned by the Segerstedt Institute of the University of Gothenburg. They were interested in what […]

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