Outrageous conspiracies: The dangerous rise of online dis/misinformation- a youth perspective.

Disinformation throughout social media and the online space is rife receiving billions of views and engagements from across the world. It is such a big issue, that MPs are seeking to make teaching children about online misinformation compulsory at schools across the country. Disinformation and fake news dominates websites, social media platforms and generates around $2.6 billion […]

What works in educating against extremism? My report for the University of Gothenburg.

The 8 key principles. When it comes to educating against extremism, two fundamental questions inevitably arise – what works, and how can we measure it? Eight key principles of effective PVE (Preventing Violent Extremism) emerge from an extensive global review I have just completed,  commissioned by the Segerstedt Institute of the University of Gothenburg. They were interested in what […]

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