Our Gendered Lens

From labels such as ‘jihadi brides’ to ‘Babes of the BNP’ Carys Evans asks why is it so difficult for us to accept the agency of women who seemingly reject our mainstream in favour of extreme ideals or violent behaviour? In 2009 Vice magazine published a piece on ‘The Babes of the BNP’. In the […]

Gender and the New Counter-Terrorism Strategy

Over the past decade, we had seen some awareness of the importance of gender in UK security policies. As early as 2005, the Home Secretary said women were, “the missing link in counter-terrorism,” and in 2008, Government funded a number of Pathfinder projects that explicitly saw and targeted the development of women’s empowerment as a way of countering radicalisation. By 2016, […]

Counter-extremism, communities and gender

Why we need more communities-focused and gender-sensitive approaches There has been increasing awareness of the need for communities-focused and gender-sensitive approaches in counterextremism measures recently. In this blog post, Dr Jennifer Philippa Eggert (University of Warwick) explains why working with communities and taking gender into account should be at the heart of our counterextremism work. […]

Challenging extremist views or beliefs that leads to violent sexual crimes

A survivor of the Rotherham child sex abuse case speaks. Sexual and gender-based violence is used as a tactic of terrorism, by a range of today’s violent extremist groups. Religious ideals of purity, virginity, modesty and obedience are taken to the extreme, mixed with power, politics and ideology, until sexual violence and horrific exploitation become […]

The problem of sexual harassment in schools.

Our SOS+ Co-ordinator CJ welcomes that the issue of sexual harassment in schools is being addressed and explains how SOS+ service at St Giles Trust can help. The shocking and saddening statistic from the Women’s Equalities Committee (published 13 September 2016) report which shows nearly 59% of girls and young women had experienced some form of sexual […]

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