From Gangs to Extremism

Listen to the incredible story of the Woolwich boys – a largely Somali led south London street gang.

Shahid | Former Extremist

Shahid fought skinheads in the 1980’s in Birmingham, then became an aid worker and soon joined the foreign fighters brigade in Bosnian – and then he was falsely imprisoned in Yemen. He is now active in combating racism, extremism and gang activity back in the UK.

Is joining, surviving and leaving a gang that clear-cut?

Narratives of redemption are rarely straightforward.  In the short film of Hezron recently released  by ConnectFutures, we hear of his journey from a gruelling, brutal childhood, through homelessness, a criminal record, to gang membership and violence and finally to his current role as ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and mentoring young people. It is not all grim.  […]

“Where is it safe to stab someone?”

What would you say if a young person asked you this question?  At a BRAVE (building resilience against violence and extremism) training session with a year group of teenagers in a secondary school in Birmingham, questions were invited.  A genuine query from one was ‘where is it safe to stab someone?’ They thought there might be parts […]

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