Former Far-Right Extremist

Nigel became a leading Far-Right activist from the age of 16. He joined the National Front in 1982 and during the 1990s was a national council member for Combat 18.

The Far-Right – legitimate agitators or extremists? A UK perspective

The horrific killing of George Floyd in America sparked a series of protests around the world with one overarching message: black lives matter. In the UK, a statue in Bristol of 17th Century merchant and slave trader Edward Colston was toppled and dumped in the river, while the protests in London led to speculation that even Winston Churchill’s iconic Whitehall […]

The Symbols and Ideas of the Radical Right: Why Their Opponents Should be More Informed

Social media, message boards and other online fora have become key means through which the radical- and extreme-right share ideas, ideological messages and, so, mobilise themselves and their supporters. However, because their political aims are offensive, discriminatory and often illegal, they communicate using words, phrases and images that many people wouldn’t initially understand. We can […]

Infographic: Terror in the UK

Our infographic: What are the stats around Far Right and Islamist extremism? What are the push-pull factors around why people get drawn into extremism? What are the types of Channel referrals and what makes people vulnerable? We thought we’d produce a quick and handy graph which might be a good starting point in understanding some […]

When it comes to preventing (far right) extremism, who is the “community”?

The Prevent strategy has been in place since 2003 and the approach around community engagement still remains elusive to practitioners.   The current Prevent Duty Guidance talks of building community resilience by Do we define communities as the (brown) Muslim community when talking extremism? Thus the community is seen as simultaneously the solution and the problem.  It can […]

Practical advice for schools and colleges to address the “Punish A Muslim” letter

April 3rd has been nominated by a tiny hate-filled band of people as ‘Punish a Muslim’ day.  An unknown far right hate group is sending out letters suggesting a scale of points awarded for various acts of hate and destruction against British Muslims.  This has inevitably triggered counter action and demonstrations by those protesting against […]

Is teaching about Far Right extremism now different from tackling Islamist extremism?

New issues for teaching about terror are thrown up by the case of Darren Osborne, convicted in January 2018 for murder and attempted murder after he drove a van into a crowd of Muslims near a mosque in Finsbury Park, London. Osbourne’s radicalisation process The case was unusual in the speed with which Osborne was ‘radicalised’, […]

What works in educating against extremism? My report for the University of Gothenburg.

The 8 key principles. When it comes to educating against extremism, two fundamental questions inevitably arise – what works, and how can we measure it? Eight key principles of effective PVE (Preventing Violent Extremism) emerge from an extensive global review I have just completed,  commissioned by the Segerstedt Institute of the University of Gothenburg. They were interested in what […]

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