Shahid | Former Extremist

Shahid fought skinheads in the 1980’s in Birmingham, then became an aid worker and soon joined the foreign fighters brigade in Bosnian – and then he was falsely imprisoned in Yemen. He is now active in combating racism, extremism and gang activity back in the UK.

Former Far-Right Extremist

Nigel became a leading Far-Right activist from the age of 16. He joined the National Front in 1982 and during the 1990s was a national council member for Combat 18.

My Son Joined ISIS

Nicola Benyahia shares details of the tragic exploitation of her teenage son groomed to join ISIS by people who remain at large.

Understanding Prevent, Beyond WRAP training

TEACHERS | PROFESSIONALS | COMMUNITIES  So, you’ve done the WRAP training – now what? Still feel you want your organisation to really engage with the following and top up your learning? The material is engaging, interactive and filled with clear practical outcomes. Participants are encouraged to question and critically engage on the complex topic of […]

Dark web, gaming and conspiracies. What young people are really talking about in 2020.

An interview with Elise Manon Smith- our specialist consultant facilitator, youth and professionals. The online space has spectacularly shifted this pandemic year for adults and young people as we work, play and stay in touch with loved ones in this virtual world during a bizarre year. But how can we as educators, organisations and parents […]

Blog: Plague, prejudice and protest: what are the educational responses in a pandemic world?

A version of this blog was first published in the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding Insights series, September 2020 Writing in September 2020, one’s gaze both backwards and forwards is unprecedented.  Because of Covid-19, the past few months have seen an almost unique upheaval globally; the future is unknown but likely to be equally unmatched.  […]

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