UPDATED | Addressing controversial issues (Palestine-Israel conflict) in the classroom

*Blog originally written January 2022 but updated in light of recent escalation of conflict starting October 2023 Working in classrooms or with young people, you’ll know the feeling.   A young person tells you or mentions in passing their opinion about a controversial, divisive and sometimes painful issue, and expects a response. When conflict escalates in Palestine […]

Blog: Plague, prejudice and protest: what are the educational responses in a pandemic world?

A version of this blog was first published in the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding Insights series, September 2020 Writing in September 2020, one’s gaze both backwards and forwards is unprecedented.  Because of Covid-19, the past few months have seen an almost unique upheaval globally; the future is unknown but likely to be equally unmatched.  […]

Q&A Factsheet: Worried about extremism and radicalisation?

With concerns about home-grown terrorism, far right extremism or young people being attracted to Islamist groups, it is not surprising that a growing number of families may be worried that their children or relatives might be drawn into extremism. We try to answer some questions – starting with definitions (although it is important to note […]

Is there a fine line between hate crime and violent extremism?

2019 has already started off with many global far right headlines. It can be predicted that the year will see a further increase in far right extremism and hate speech.  Populist representation in government is on the increase in Europe, fuelling nationalism and anti-immigrant sentiment.    In Germany the right wing AfD (Alternative for Germany) is on the rise.  […]

Drawing on ‘Lived Experience’ in mentoring those at risk.

What does a white far right youth have in common with a disaffected Muslim prisoner?  A recent account of a teenager (‘Jack’) who was steered away from extreme far right organisations through participation in the government’s Channel programme has some interesting parallels with another recent programme called ‘Way Out: Supporting Muslims in Prisons’ which I’ve recently evaluated (2018/not […]

Practical advice for schools and colleges to address the “Punish A Muslim” letter

April 3rd has been nominated by a tiny hate-filled band of people as ‘Punish a Muslim’ day.  An unknown far right hate group is sending out letters suggesting a scale of points awarded for various acts of hate and destruction against British Muslims.  This has inevitably triggered counter action and demonstrations by those protesting against […]

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