UPDATED | Addressing controversial issues (Palestine-Israel conflict) in the classroom

*Blog originally written January 2022 but updated in light of recent escalation of conflict starting October 2023 Working in classrooms or with young people, you’ll know the feeling.   A young person tells you or mentions in passing their opinion about a controversial, divisive and sometimes painful issue, and expects a response. When conflict escalates in Palestine […]

Comment: Crime and punishment: what to do with returning foreign fighters?

Is the issue of joining terror groups and the repercussions of facing justice clear cut?  Should individuals taking up arms with ideological aims – and who may have broken the law – face trials in the country they’ve been captured in, face justice at home, or should we deport them to Guantanamo Bay as Trump […]

Should Muslims always have to say sorry after a terror attack?

In the aftermath of a suspected Islamist extremist attack in Westminster, it is now conventional for Muslims to have to stand up in front of the media to roundly condemn the actions.   Even though it will never be clear (and with all suspects now released by the police) whether Khalid Masood acted in the name of Islam […]

Q+A Factsheet: What should teachers do in the event of a terrorist attack?

In light of the Manchester terror attacks, how should schools and teachers respond when there has been a terrorist attack in UK or elsewhere?  Students will be asking questions, talking among themselves, talking with families.  Schools cannot ignore events, however controversial and disturbing it is to raise them.  Here’s our top tips. SIX SUMMARY POINTS […]

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