Neurodiversity.  A beginner’s guide

Dr Karam Bhogal: Policy makers and practitioners in the wider sector are becoming increasingly aware of neurodivergence and its potential links to vulnerabilities on a range of issues. ConnectFutures work extensively with children and young people who are neurodivergent, making content accessible in a way that’s understood.  What are some of the insights we can offer […]

UPDATED | Addressing controversial issues (Palestine-Israel conflict) in the classroom

*Blog originally written January 2022 but updated in light of recent escalation of conflict starting October 2023 Working in classrooms or with young people, you’ll know the feeling.   A young person tells you or mentions in passing their opinion about a controversial, divisive and sometimes painful issue, and expects a response. When conflict escalates in Palestine […]

The UK’s Online Safety Bill – allegedly the ‘safest place in the world to be online’

“In an attempt to weed out the worst parts of the internet, the Online Safety Bill actually jeopardises the best parts of the internet.”Lucy Crompton-Reid & Rebecca MacKinnon, 2023 Quote written by the chief exec of Wikimedia UK (Lucy) and the Vice President of Global Advocacy at the Wikimedia foundation (Rebecca). In recent years, social media platforms […]

Outrageous conspiracies: The dangerous rise of online dis/misinformation- a youth perspective.

Disinformation throughout social media and the online space is rife receiving billions of views and engagements from across the world. It is such a big issue, that MPs are seeking to make teaching children about online misinformation compulsory at schools across the country. Disinformation and fake news dominates websites, social media platforms and generates around $2.6 billion […]

Understanding Prevent, Beyond WRAP training

TEACHERS | PROFESSIONALS | COMMUNITIES  So, you’ve done the WRAP training – now what? Still feel you want your organisation to really engage with the following and top up your learning? The material is engaging, interactive and filled with clear practical outcomes. Participants are encouraged to question and critically engage on the complex topic of […]


A year ago, in the immediate aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, I wrote a blog entitled ‘Is the UK racist and if so, what do we do about it?’ It was a personal blog written from a place of frustration and pain, and with the hope of building greater understanding between people with different experiences […]

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