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BRAVE YOUTH: Building Resilience Against Violence & Extremism – Workshop on gangs and extremism, Face to Face with Young People

Partnering St Giles

Tackling issues of extremism and exploitation, including violent extremism and gangs, in an accessible, youth-orientated way.




For schools and institutions working with young people, the added vulnerabilities and potential impact of violent extremism and gang exploitation is an increasingly urgent element of standard safeguarding. This unique training programme, ‘BRAVE’ combines practitioner expertise and insight, with real testimonies of ‘formers’ alongside case studies, delivered by industry experts from St. Giles Trust and ConnectFutures.

The first hour by St. Giles Trust, focuses on preventing gang exploitation, aimed at creating a cultural shift amongst young people, by both dispelling the myths which glamorise gang life and crime, whilst also exposing the serious exploitative and grooming tactics that take place in order to get young people to join gangs and commit crime. It will utilise ex-gang members’ testimonials and expose the realities of how girls are treated in gangs. The second half by ConnectFutures, focuses on safeguarding against violent extremism which explains the process of radicalisation and disengagement with examples from the Far Right and Islamist extremisms, and looks at recruiter techniques including grooming. It encourages discussions around risks and vulnerabilities and focuses on practical action, using real cases.

Both sessions will look at how and why the perpetrators recruit young people, and what they can do to stay safe. All young people will leave the sessions understanding the exploitative recruitment processes used by gangs/violent extremists and the catastrophic dangers involved with joining gangs/violent extremist groups alongside the serious consequences of supplying drugs/committing crime. Most importantly, though, they will walk away with real tools to avoid recruitment and exploitation.

Our courses are interactive and practical. Course tools include slides, video, social media, group discussion with relevant case studies.

Delivery method and Group size
Facilitator delivered. The course can be delivered to any sized groups of young people and can be accommodated to make the sessions fit in with school timetables or institutional needs.



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