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Safeguarding Against Violent Extremism: Local Authorities and Public Sector


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For organisations working with young and vulnerable people, the impact of violent extremism and radicalisation is an increasingly urgent element of standard safeguarding. Through its combination of academic knowledge, practitioner experience and community connection, ConnectFutures has developed this course to increase understanding about the law, the path into and out of violent extremism, and the practical actions to help prevent and identify risk and vulnerability.

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Learning Outcomes

Legislation: understanding the law and its implications for your work
Violent extremism: what does this mean, what might it look like, how can we tell?
Wider history, context and community experiences
Understanding to prevent: recruitment techniques and propaganda
Processes of radicalisation and disengagement
Identifying risk and vulnerabilities in individuals
Practical action: talking through real cases, preventing, intervening, signposting, de/escalating


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